Steve's Landscaping

5809 Lakeway Ct., Arlington, Texas 76018


Complete Design and Installation
of Beds, Grass, Trees, Plants
& Seasonal Color.
Custom Pavestone Patios,
Walkways, Stone Edging,
Retaining Walls, and Outdoor Lighting.
Custom Fencing That Lasts 25
Years. Arbors & Patio Covers.


Complete Design & Installation of
Sprinkler System Specializing in
"Smart Clocks & Smart Heads"
Which saves the average
property owner $600 to $900 a year.
Complete Sprinkler System
Checks & Repairs.
We have all the equipment to
locate diagnose and repair
any sprinkler problem



Complete Scheduled Lawn Care
Monthly Bed Weeds & Trim
Complete & Detailed Cleanups
Winter Leaf Removal & Holiday Cleanup
Scheduled Pre-emergint's, Weed Control, Fertilizing, Insect & Disease Control


Maintenance and Chemical Application Schedule

    Jan. Pre-emergent    
    Feb. Trees in general, Crape Myrtle, Rose, ground covers, and all deciduous plants pre spring pruning
    Mar. Fertilize lawn and spring cleanup
    Apr. Fertilize lawn and beds also general insecticide control and spring/summer seasonal color
    May Pre-emergent
    Jun. Fertilize lawn and beds
    Jul.  General insecticide control
    Aug. Fertilize lawn and beds
    Sep. General insecticide control
    Oct. Winterize lawn fertilizer and winter pre-emergent and fall/winter seasonal color
    Nov. Leaves and holiday cleanup
    Dec. Leaves and holiday cleanup